About Meditation

Meditation is about calming the mind, understanding ourselves and freeing the heart.

At it’s core, for many, is the promotion of mindfulness, which reduces anxiety, stress and depression, whilst increasing our appreciation of life in the present moment.

There are many different styles and methods of meditation.

At it’s simplest it often involves sitting quietly for a period of time, and bringing one’s attention to one’s own breathing. Our busy minds try to distract us with thoughts about life, worries or plans. When we notice this happening, we gently and kindly bring our attention back to our breathing. There is no concept of success, or failure. We shouldn’t give ourselves a hard time if our thoughts are chattering away. Just notice this, and return to the breath.

You can meditate sitting on a chair, or on cushions on the floor, or using a meditation stool. It is not necessary to be able to sit in full lotus position like an Indian yogi!

If you are joining our group, and are new to meditation, please let our teachers know so that they can help guide you.

The Gaia House website gives an interesting introduction to Meditation (and particularly Insight Meditation) here.

Meditation is a central part of the practice of many schools of Buddhism. There are a myriad introductions to Buddhism on line including this one.