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      Myself, I favour awareness of the breath, with a side order of Korean Zen “What Is This?” from Stephen nad Martine Batchelor’s teachings. How about you?

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      I was first introduced to meditation in the Soto Zen tradition, and the practice of just sitting without any meditation object. However this practice works best when the mind is relatively still and quiet, therefore breath meditation is often required. I find breath meditation quite difficult and only resort to it when necessary, ie with a restless mind!
      I plan to go on a retreat with Steven & Martine Bachelor to investigate a Koan. hopefully this may become my main course !!!

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      My practice is called the intermittent path of irregular steps and pauses….
      I love how I feel after a retreat or a period when I practice consistently, but am easily distracted and find it difficult to keep up.
      I loved Christina’s talk the other night, I always find her inspiring, and I intend to use her Metta practice when I get on that cushion!

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      I thought the talk Christina gave was very useful and yes, it would be great to look into the metta practice and her approach in some detail

      If any one finds any references to her particular slant on metta please let me know – I will keep looking

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